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You may need photos for your Air BnB listing, your self catering property or bed and breakfast business or perhaps you are about to put your property on the market. You can definitely take a lot of smartphone pictures but will they be of the quality that will "sell" for you.

We offer an affordable property photography service including advice on staging, taking of photographs and post production as required.


If you would like to know more or would like a quotation please get in touch.


We've prepared a checklist of things to consider when preparing your property for photography.


Outside the House - General

Choose a time of day when house frontage is shown in natural light on a clear bright day if possible
Remove any parked cars from driveway or front of house
Remove bins or any other clutter from outside the house
Mow lawn and tidy borders
Clear away hosepipes and garden tools
Clean windows outside
Make sure all outside lights work

Inside the House - General

Make sure each room is well lit, switch on all lights and replace any bulbs that are blown
Open curtains and draw blinds
Move furniture around if it makes rooms look more spacious
Consider vases of fresh flowers
Clean mirrors and windows
Vacuum all carpets and wash all flooring
Turn off televisions and computer screens


Reception Rooms - Lounge, Study, Dining Room

Arrange cushions to look smart and tidy
Set dining room tables
Make sure dining chairs are inline and free of clutter
Remove throws from sofas, assuming sofas present well
Remove rugs if you have wooden flooring
Remove stuff from coffee tables
Clear away piles of magazines, DVD's, children toys
Remove pet beds and toys
Turn off televisions and computer screens
Clear away books and free standing photographs



All beds should be made and kept clear
All wardrobes, cupboards and drawers should be closed
Under bed storage should be out of site
Mirrors should be clean
Dressing table surfaces should be cleared of all products
Do not put towels on bed



Clear all work tops
Remove towels and tea towels from view
Remove chopping boards, bread boards and kitchen utensils
Move waste bins
Remove pet bowls and beds
Close all cupboards and drawers
Make sure sink is empty and clean, do not leave sponges or cloths on display
Remove fridge magnets
Add a bowl of fresh fruit for a splash of colour



Make sure toilet lid is down
Remove bottles of shower gel, cleaning solutions and toilet brush
Towels should compliment the room decor and be neatly folded or arranged
Remove floor rugs or bath mats
Close shower curtain if it hangs over bath
Make sure mirrors are clean and sparkling